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When am I paid ? Jun 11, 2017

There are many types of Payout, Instant Payout, Daily Payout, Weekly Payout, Twice a month Payout and Monthly Payout. It means you will get paid within 1 second, 1 Day, 7 Days, 15 Days or 30 days.

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Now we pay only upgraded member for paypal if you not upgarded member then you not recieved payment

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StarGrid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $10 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor's site that you will have to view for up to 5 secs. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not.

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Hello, Starting today, Enjoy the season with our very profitable Promo! Upgrade Premium Yearly Upgrade + get 25 direct.ref FREE Upgrade Lifetime Membership + get 70 direct.ref FREE Upgrade Silver Surf Yearly + get 15 direct.ref FREE Free DR will be added within 24 hours. Promo Period: until 25 January 2017 only. Happy January to all!

Epayzal Jan 05, 2017

Also you can purchase with epayzal manually .You just send money to (if you need a product worth of 1$ just send 1$ to our account).Then make a support ticket to admin,also write a short message in epayzal send form.We will add said ad credits in your account manually .

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Did you know? Upgraded members get paid FASTER, they don't need to post proof in our forum AND THEY HAVE NO FEES ON WITHDRAWALS. They also have free advertising credits daily, more ads to click, higher referral earnings, the chance to earn PTP and more - all that for $6 profit! Upgrade now

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Free $1 on account balance for first 1000 members!

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Payza Members now can purchase advertising

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To get referrals and extra earnings. I am promoting for new members a $0.5 signup bonus and 1000 PTC links. In return for the premium member that sends them can earn 50% of there purchases and a generous PTP earning of $0.25. If you help me sell a ad grid ad. I will give ANY member $0.50. But that sell has to be seen in your referrals ID list. No exeptions. Let us make some money and promote this site!

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All Advertising Pack purchases made from 1st to 30th of every month will earn you Purchase Contest drawn entry. Winners will receive as follows cash 1st - Purchase $ x 5, 2nd - Purchase $ x 3, 3rd - Purchase $ x 1 (Ex. $10 x 5 = $50)

signup Sep 10, 2016

Sign-up Bonus Cash 0,15 $ Sign-up Bonus Points 100 sign-up bonus credits PTC 1000

payment processors Sep 05, 2016

as you can see, you can earn more money

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Hello Everyone The relaunch is going very well at the sites. We have a lot of great prizes and contests. The payment processors at ALL sites are at 25% off The sites that are eligible for the relaunch are: http:// http// The new special at all sites is monthly Upgrades you receive 10 extra days and $2.00 in account Yearly upgrades receive 90 extra days and $10.00 in account and lifetime upgrades receive $20.00 in account.This sale will be over on September 1st ads reset server time 16:00 The relaunch will run One month until Sept. 12 16:00 server time ads reset.Standard Members READ THE PAYMENT TERMS Wrong requests will be canceled one time second time account suspended. Thank you Admin

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